How to Find The Best Aircraft Maintenance Company

By Blue Line Technical Services on Dec 6, 2021 6:30:00 AM

Your aircraft is dependent on numerous components to ensure it operates properly and safely. Most of those components will need maintenance on a routine basis. That’s not unexpected and should be planned for well in advance of operating a plane. No matter the type or style of plane, it is critical to have the attention of an experienced maintenance company to handle the necessary work. That includes any repairs but also preventative maintenance tasks that may, in many cases, help minimize the risk of problems and help extend the life of most components.

The Right Aircraft Maintenance Company

To keep your aircraft serviced and in the best operational state possible, it’s critical to partner with the right aircraft maintenance company. To be ready for flight, the operator needs to have a solid relationship with a trustworthy aircraft maintenance company. Having a good relationship upfront minimizes the risk that you’ll mistakenly hire a company lacking experience with your type of aircraft, not having the most skilled technicians or one that just doesn’t match your standards of care. Then, it is best to find the right provider long before you need the work to be done.

How to Find the Best Aircraft Maintenance Company

There are several areas to consider when selecting an aircraft maintenance company to work with on a consistent basis. Work through the following steps as you compare your options.

Safety Record

A safety record can provide a great deal of information about the quality of work the company offers. Look at the record and find out if they have an approved safety management system. If not, they may not be able to provide the best level of service and support to you. There is no more important aspect to hiring a company like this than their safety standards.


Like safety, it’s important to ensure the company has the necessary certifications. Ask them what they have. Find out what type of certifications they have for the kind of aircraft you own.

Team Size

The size of the team matters. You want to be sure enough people are working for the company and have enough time to put into your aircraft. Too few people may mean the company isn’t able to devote enough time to each project and maybe rushed.

Hours and Availability

Some companies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Generally, that’s ideal because it means they are able to handle emergencies you may have. If not, what type of availability do they offer? Does that work to meet your needs?


Paperwork is one of the factors that can get you in real trouble (with the FAA) if not done correctly. Be sure the company will handle your plane’s paperwork properly. Any time a mechanic works on an airplane or performs an annual inspection, FAA rules require him to make and certify accurate records of the work performed in the airplane’s maintenance logbook. Whether the mechanic replaces an engine or simply tinkers with a gauge, the logbook must accurately reflect the work performed.


It’s a good idea to find out what others who have used the company think of them. What do their other customers say? Do they have referrals you can call? Look for online and in-person references to review.

Personal Touch

Choose a company that offers ample personal care to you. That means they should give you the same amount of attention and care level as a fleet owner. Do you feel like they are treating you with respect?


Be sure they are upfront and honest about what is happening with your plane. If it cannot fly when you need it, what will they do to help you meet your need? What do they do to stay on time? Transparency goes both ways. Find an aircraft maintenance company you can be transparent with as well.


Cost matters no matter what the situation. Pricing transparency is an issue in the aircraft maintenance business. Surprises can cost real money. Are they going to just surprise you with a large bill at the end? Or, are they going to discuss any major concerns along the way to ensure you are up to date and aware and approve of the expense?

Keep in mind, too, that the lowest quote is not always the right choice. It is never a good idea to jeopardize quality and service for a lower price.


Be sure to visit the facility before you get work done there. Is it clean, well-cared for, and staffed? Does it have safety measures in place that you notice? Does it have an on-site restaurant?


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