Preventive Aircraft Maintenance

By Blue Line Technical Services on Sep 9, 2021 1:27:21 PM

Preventative aircraft maintenance is of utmost importance. The reliability of an aircraft is only as good as their design, and the maintenance schedule kept. Routine maintenance offers a range of benefits, including ensuring each component reaches its potential reliability and years of life.

Over-maintaining an aircraft doesn’t offer many benefits – it doesn’t improve the plane’s reliability, but it can waste money.

Under-maintaining an aircraft impacts its reliability in many ways. Under-maintaining the aircraft will cost more in the long run than properly maintaining it in the first place.

Our Approach to Aircraft Maintenance

Our approach to aircraft maintenance centers on safety. This is the cornerstone for ensuring you and your guests can have fun in the sky. That’s why we use precaution as a way to ensure your aircraft is fit for flight. This means taking every step necessary to provide the very best outcome. There are no skipped steps or overlooked components. We are committed to perfection, and you’ll notice it in every service we provide to you.

Assessing Your Aircraft

Every component of an aircraft is vital to its overall function, reliability, and performance. That’s why a comprehensive approach to aircraft maintenance is so important. Each and every part of the aircraft, from the engine to the stud nuts, needs evaluation eventually. That is not an optional decision but a requirement for ensuring the longevity of the system.

Our evaluation focuses on three methods.

  1. Hard Time: In this method, we remove a unit or component when it reaches a specific, predetermined value. Once that value hits, we remove the component and replace or update it as needed.
  2. Functional Check: This is an inspection type of evaluation. We monitor a characteristic or parameter of that component. This enables us to determine if it is still suitable for continued use or operation.
  3. Functional Verification: In this method, we perform an operational check to see if the component is still functioning correctly.

Preventive Aircraft Maintenance Includes Regular Inspections and Checks

There are many factors that go into a preventive aircraft maintenance schedule. Here is a look at some of the inspections and checks that are performed on a regular basis.

  • Preflight Checks: In these checks, the pilot specifically looks for any obvious or noticeable issues that could impact the functionality or safety of the aircraft. The pilot runs through a checklist of the plane to do this, checking each component with a visual inspection.
  • 50 and 100 Hour Inspections: In this type of check, which can be done at the same time as the oil changes, there is a more comprehensive evaluation of the aircraft. These inspections happen at 50 and 100 hours of use increments. They are thorough checks to ensure all is functioning properly and as expected.
  • Annual Inspections: This type of inspection happens every 12 months. These are required thorough evaluations and assessments of the components of the plane. It is not legal to fly an aircraft that has not had an annual inspection.
  • Progressive Inspections: This is a specific type of inspection used by high-use aircraft that get far more miles in the sky. This may include aircraft that are used at flight schools, for example. This type of inspection happens every 25 to 50 hours of flight, making them much more frequent.

What Makes Blue Line Tech Different?

There are multiple factors that play a role in the function and service provided by Blue Line Tech. We use highly skilled maintenance technicians to provide exceptional service to our clients. We use these highly detailed maintenance services for all categories of owners and operators of aircraft.

We always focus on safety as our highest priority, ensuring the best outcome for any flight. In addition to this, we provide on-time and budget maintenance services to our clients, ensuring the flexibility they need. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

For those using an aircraft for any need or frequency, we encourage you to reach out to us today to set up a time for an appointment. Our team offers a range of services to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Blue Line Technical Services is one of only a handful of Diamond Authorized Service Centers in the country. Every mechanic is highly trained with a level of expertise to service any and all of your aircraft's maintenance needs with a particular focus on Diamond Aircraft and other airplanes made within the last 20 years. Whether you are flying in once a year for a yearly inspection or are in need of a full-service overhaul, Blue Line Technical Services can provide your maintenance needs with a sense of safety, accountability, and excellence. If you hate being grounded, come to Blue Line, where we can service your aircraft on time, every time, and get you back in the air.